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The step-by-step online course to build your own Property Empire sooner than you thought possible

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

  • You’re saving your butt off just to scrape enough money together for your first property
  • You’ve read a bunch of books on property investment where everyone seems to have a different idea and you just don’t know who to trust anymore
  • You’re sick of hearing advice from family, friends, neighbours and even strangers about how to invest in property
  • Everyone else seems to be making a fortune from property and you’re scared you might have missed the boat
  • You’ve even considered just “diving in”, but can’t help being petrified that you might stuff it all up and lose everything
  • You just want to know exactly what steps you need to take and when

If it does… believe me… I understand. I was once in your exact position and incredibly frustrated. It just doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Every day I talk to people just like you who read books and browse online forums, only to see the price of property seemingly go through the roof overnight and wonder if they missed a golden opportunity.

It’s like a game of ping pong in your mind where one minute you are incredibly excited about the prospect of buying investment property that will make you money, then the next minute lose all motivation because it just seems too hard and you probably missed the boat anyway.

Then you play this game in your mind over… and over… and over again.

The more you research, the further you think you are from getting started because every so called “expert” seems to have a different idea.

If only someone could take you by the hand, remove all the BS and give you the exact steps you need to take. Then it would all make perfect sense, right?

If you’ve even read this far, you’re not lacking the motivation or commitment, you just don’t want to spend a load of wasted time trying to find a property only to be out-bid, undercut, ripped off, or worse still, end up losing a fortune on a bad decision.

Everyone Claims to Be a “Property Expert” and It’s Really Annoying

Today, you don’t need to go far to get property advice. Anyone that got lucky buying property before the boom seems to think they’re the next property mogul. Worse still, unscrupulous property spruikers will promise the world to get you to invest in property where they make a commission on sales without investing in property themselves.


Don’t get caught out.

Countless books, websites, forums and courses claim to have the perfect property strategy but you don’t actually know for sure who’s walking their own talk and who’s full of hot air.

You just want to cut through all the crap and for once and for all have a single system you are willing to follow, because you’re ready to get started now!

What if

  • You could have a system that removed the frustration and allowed you to still enjoy your favourite latte and smashed avocado (if you wanted) at your local cafe and not feel guilty?
  • There were precise checklists showing you who to speak to, when to speak to them, what questions to ask and how much to pay?
  • You had a proven bullet proof system created by one of Australia’s leading authorities in property investment which showed exactly how you can have a property portfolio that makes money, even while you sleep, with little or no stress?

The question is… Are you ready to take action and start your property journey?

Hi, I’m Chris Gray.

I host “Your Property Empire” each week on Sky News and have appeared on all the major Australian television networks for my perspective about property investment, as well as being a regular contributor to major Australian publications. Over the last two decades, I have built a property portfolio worth over $16 million starting with just $20k and I want to help you get started on your property investment journey too.

Before I Started

When I got started in property, times were tough. To be honest, I just wanted to move out of my parents’ house as I was young, had already travelled the world and when I returned home, my mother put a midnight curfew on me (which I really didn’t care for much).

But very quickly I realised that property had the ability to help me afford nicer clothes, better cars and an incredible lifestyle I couldn’t match grinding it out every day in a job I didn’t really like.

And Today?

Today, I run one of Australia’s leading and most respected buyer’s agencies called Your Empire and live a stress free lifestyle I could never have imagined just a few short years ago.

What I’ve come to realise is there are a lot of other people like me when I was starting out who are desperate to get into the market, though have absolutely no idea where to start. Mortgage brokers, conveyancers, building inspectors, cooling off periods, LVR’s, LMI, P&I, buyer’s agents… it was doing my head in.

That’s why I decided to create the online course

BYPE computer logo

A course designed for people like you and one I only dream I could have had when I first got started.

A course that

  • Is delivered in plain English so it’s easy to understand
  • Shows the exact methods and strategies used by someone successful in property and doesn’t just provide fluff from some property spruiker trying to flog their other products
  • Provides checkpoints and checklists so you can follow along and know exactly where you are in the process
  • Cuts out the BS and gets right to the point
  • Answers every conceivable question a new person might have when getting started with their property portfolio

It’s just like a super simple system for a fast food store so that 15 year old kids can follow it. Except it’s for people who want to start investing in property.

Easy to get started

Easy to follow

Easy to Understand

This course is the result of documenting meticulously my own and more recently our company’s strategies and tactics, then breaking them down so that anyone can follow along and get the same results for themselves.


Is this course a guarantee that you will makemoney from property?

Of course not!

Property prices fluctuate over the years.

This course is the result of documenting meticulously my own and more recently our company’s strategies and tactics, then breaking them down so that anyone can follow along and get the same results for themselves.

People will try to add their own “secret sauce”.

Have you ever tried to bake a cake and taken out some of the key ingredients? A chocolate cake without eggs is not that tasty, just as a chocolate cake with twice as many eggs is equally terrible.

People will get greedy.

Investing in property is a long term proposition. We hear all the time about people who purchased multiple properties in the first year, but there can be massive problems that come with that strategy. Building Your Property Empire is a marathon… not a sprint.

People will get distracted.

This course is so in depth and has so much detail that I know some people will start all excited, though become distracted by the next shiny object or “get rich quick” scheme. They will feel as though the level of detail is too much for them and take an easier approach. Trust me, I’ve tried shortcuts and they don’t work.

Some people will try to find why this course won’t work for them.

Everyone thinks they are special and that some things just don’t apply to them. They look for the negatives in everything. If you are that person and think that merely purchasing this course will make you a successful property investor, then DON’T BUY IT! Trust me. This course will only work if you have the commitment and desire to make it work.

Rod Boothman

Head of PfMO at HealthDirect Australia

Chris coached my wife and I on property investment, we gained enormous value and confidence from Chris's expertise and approach. We have since invested in long term property investments as well as diversified into short term developments also, paid off our mortgage with profits after 2 years and have continued to grow. Portfolio > $2mill, profits > $300k (14 mths), capital growth >25%. Highly recommend Chris to people looking to 'get into' property investment.

So what’s in the course?

This easy to understand, digest and follow course is divided into FOUR basic Sections, where each section contains

Main course material

Get over 40 step-by-step professionally produced videos with easy-to-follow talking head lessons and slide presentations from Chris

The Property Wallet

Bonus interviews and slide based lessons to build on the knowledge you gain in the main course, plus loads of bonuses

Downloads and resources

Comprehensive workbooks, checklists, even the exact scripts to use and questions to ask, plus audio downloads and more

Section One

Laying Robust Foundations

In this section, you establish the essential solid foundation from which to build your property empire.

“Without the proper financial foundation, any portfolio is destined to fail.”

In Section One, you will discover

  • Why you don’t need to be special or unique to be successful in property and how anyone willing to put in the hard work can have every chance of success
  • Why advice you receive from your parents is most likely wrong if you want to build a property portfolio
  • How thinking differently and making subtle changes can completely change your financial future
  • How I lived rent free whilst starting my property journey
  • Learn the common mistakes and misconceptions people make getting started in property that end up making them a slave to a mortgage rather than financially free
  • How to get your mind and thought processes right to ensure you stay engaged, motivated and constantly on the right path
  • How setting the RIGHT goals with REALISTIC expectations can make a monumental shift in your life
  • How setting the wrong goals can cost you years of your time and hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • The hidden keys that differentiate top investors from poor investors
  • The truth about finances and see exactly how a Lamborghini can cost less than a BMW
  • How you can live in a multi-million dollar home and still have money to invest in property
  • Correctly establish your current position to avoid financial shocks later in your investment journey

Section Two

Building Your Property Dream Team

In this section, you’ll get the exact steps to take to find the right people for your property team. You’ll know exactly what to ask, when to ask it and how much you can expect to pay for their service.

“How can you expect to fly like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys?”

In Section Two, you will discover

  • Why saving a few dollars on some team members can end up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and how to spot this
  • What to do if you are stuck with the “family accountant” who simply doesn’t understand what you are trying to do
  • Common questions and concerns and how to deal with them specifically
  • Why successful investors understand that you need to search for the right team and how you can find them too
  • The exact questions to ask potential team members and how their answers could positively or negatively affect your property portfolio
  • A run down of each specific member of your team, what they should be doing and how they fit into your property journey
  • Why all mortgage brokers are not created equally and how some mortgage brokers could possibly double or even triple your future returns
  • Why the decision to apply for finance is critical to current and potential future borrowing capacity and the huge mistake first timers can make
  • How the type of loan you apply for can have a massive impact on your borrowing capacity in the future
  • What inspections could make or break your investment and how to make sure you are getting the right advice
  • The single most important member of the team that influences everything in your property assessment (though most people completely ignore)
  • How to bring the team together for maximum impact
  • Huge challenges commonly faced by missing steps in this process and how to avoid them
  • What are some optional members of the team that most people don’t know about and could save you valuable time and money

Section Three

The Bulletproof Property Search System

Have you ever wanted to know the precise strategies the best property investors in the world use to find ideal properties at the right price? Hint: It’s probably not what you expect and they hardly ever have to negotiate on price.

"Property investment can be very straightforward if you just follow a recipe that works."

In Section Three, you will discover

  • The strategy professional investors use to time the market and how most people get this wrong
  • When the right time is to start looking and how many properties you should be looking at before you start making an offer
  • Where to begin your search for properties that might be a good fit
  • When you will need to engage specific members of your team and a guide as to how much it will cost
  • Property hot spots, opportunities and exactly where you should be looking to buy and why
  • How an expert plans their day to get the most out of looking at properties that are open for inspection and the mistakes rookies make
  • A specific list showing you exactly what to look for every time you walk into a property
  • Should you consider a property in desperate need of renovation or prefer to purchase something new
  • The different types of investment property and why you should or should not consider each one
  • Why people fail miserably at negotiating and end up paying significantly more for properties and how you can avoid this with this rarely used expert technique
  • How to build the ideal relationship with real estate agents to ensure you get the best price possible every time
  • Whether you should buy now or wait for auction
  • Specific auction techniques used by the best in the business and why auction techniques often shown on major television shows are flawed
  • Sneaky real estate agent and auctioneer techniques you must know about
  • How to be a winning negotiator every single time
  • The exact steps that occur from offer to handover and what you should absolutely avoid in this process
  • Answers to all your burning “what if…” questions that I’ve heard over decades of experience

Section Four

Your Empire Beyond the First Property

You simply won’t believe how straightforward it is to leverage your property empire using the skills and techniques presented. It’s shocking how most people get this step wrong and end up drowning in a sea of debt when a few small insights can change absolutely everything and present a stress free, financially secure lifestyle.

“The hardest part is getting off the ground. Once you’re off and away, the sky’s the limit.”

In Section Four, you will discover

  • What happens once you own the property? Who do you call, where can you get help and what happens if you mess this up?
  • The steps taken to prepare your property for rent and ensure the best possible return on investment
  • At what point are you ready to buy subsequent properties? Hint: It’s not straight away
  • How and when top investors leverage their portfolio to grow at the optimum pace
  • What to do if you have purchased a lemon and how to save your finances from ruin
  • When the ideal time is to sell and the specific strategies used by top investors
  • The telltale signs as to when you should stretch versus when you should consolidate
  • When to renegotiate loans and what type of deals to look for that most mortgage brokers won’t tell you about
  • How to best secure your finances to ensure a long-term growth portfolio for you and your children
  • What are the fastest and safest ways to get money out as your portfolio increases in value

Plus… There’s an entire spare room full of bonuses!

One on one interviews inside the Property Wallet

Get deep into my mind as I’m interviewed one on one and asked the most pressing questions every aspiring investor wants to know

Over 24 hours of pre-recorded Q&A webinars

Yes… over 24 hours of Q&A webinars that were recorded live for students of “Build Your Property Empire” to keep you in front of the market

Our exclusive members only Facebook group

  • Help and support other members
  • Get advice from experts as well as other members
  • Share your wins
  • Keep motivated and accountable

Full access to the web series “Empire Builders”

Watch interviews with other experts on:

  • Property
  • Shares
  • Travel
  • Leisure hacking
  • And lots more!

Altogether, you get:

>>> Full access to the eight week course “Build Your Property Empire” <<<
>>> 12 months of continued access to the entire course content <<<
>>> Access to the closed and private course facebook group <<<
>>> Over 80 professionally produced full HD videos <<<
>>> 36 high quality workbook and checklists <<<
>>> All audio downloads and other bonuses <<<
>>> 24 hours of pre-recorded Q&A webinars with Chris <<<

Here are some screen shots from around the course

Home page

Easily navigate between all the available sections and modules of the course to find exactly what you need

List of videos

Each module has a sequential list of videos, audio downloads and pdf downloads that you can see from right within the page

Bonus material

Discover interviews with other property, lifestyle and wealth creation experts from the web series “Empire Builders”


Browse and download any course resources, checklists and workbooks in either full colour, or printer friendly black and white versions

Press play below to view an excerpt from one of the course videos

Richard Wilson

Business Development Manager

Chris, your mentoring program gave me a wealth of knowledge and information, and the tools to go out there and create the first property of my investment portfolio. I estimate I saved approximately $20,000 when buying my first property. In addition, your availability to provide ongoing support means I will always have confidence that my next property investing ventures will be successful ones. Thank you!

Betty Ramsay

Health Professional

I spent 7 years thinking of buying property but never actually doing anything about it. At Chris’ mentoring program I gained valuable knowledge of the property market. Within 6 months I moved from knowing very little and doing nothing to purchasing my first property. Chris’ practical advice and support made the process remarkably smooth – and I saved $30,000 in the process. Chris gave me knowledge, courage, direction and support. He has been great!

“Build Your Property Empire” is NOT for someone who...

  • Is desperate
  • Is down to the last of their money
  • Wanting to get rich quick
  • Can’t or won’t follow specific instructions
  • Always finds excuses as to why things won’t work
  • Loves to take short cuts

“Build Your Property Empire” is perfect for someone who...

  • Has saved their deposit or are close to having their first deposit saved
  • Has a “can do” attitude
  • Is committed to following an exact recipe
  • Is in it for the long haul
  • Is willing to ignore so called “good advice” from others without a successful property portfolio themselves

Believe me…

If you don’t think this course will work for you, PLEASE don’t buy it in the first place because chances are…


To complete this course and get started successfully on your property journey, you are going to need




Still Reading?

Good. You’re most likely one of two people

You are detail oriented and want to make sure you know absolutely everything there is to know about this course before you make an investment. The good news is you are far more likely to succeed in this course with that sort of attitude and attention to detail


Someone who isn’t quite convinced of the value of this course over the long term. That’s ok too. It just means you aren’t ready right now. Please, please, please don’t sign up for this course as if the timing is not right, you will just let it sit there and get no value at all and that simply isn’t my intention. If you want to have a real crack at this course, you need to be 100% committed and serious.


Richard Horne

Business Analyst

Chris helped me with my property portfolio which has grown to 8 properties in the last 5 years. His advice will enable me to retire around 10 years earlier than originally planned.

Bridgit English

Customer Experience Specialist

Chris was the catalyst that I needed to move me from being a life time renter (procrastination resulting from fear of debt and the unknown) to owning my first property at the tender age of 45.


What bigger course are you going to try and sell me at the end?None. This is it. This course has everything I know in it. I have spent decades of time learning and perfecting my craft and this course has cost tens of thousands of dollars to produce. It’s the whole box and dice. I promise

But you are a buyer’s agent... Why would you teach other people your so-called “secret skills and techniques”?Our buyer’s agency helps a very specific type of investor purchase properties. Over the last 10 years or so, I have noticed a lot of people who are keen to learn about my strategies, though might not be ready or willing to hire me as a buyer’s agent. This course fills a gap that my clients have told me needs to be filled.

If you’re so successful, then why do you have to sell courses like this?Having become wealthy through property, I now love to be able to give back. My knowledge is no use in my own head if no one else can use it. I get a bit of a kick out of helping others achieve success as well, so it’s a bit of an ego thing. I’ve certainly noticed throughout the years though that if I offer my knowledge for free, people put no value on what it could do for them. Furthermore, one thing I teach in this course is that income is very important for serviceability of loans and creating a course helps me with a form of passive income.

How much of your valuable information are you holding back here that you will be keeping for yourself?Absolutely none. I’ve given everything I can in this video. There’s no trap doors, no smoke and mirrors, no hidden agenda. If you worked with me inside my office, you’d know that I have held nothing back at all.

Can’t I just go out and buy 10 good books on property?Yes, you sure can and I always suggest people should do as much research as possible. One thing I know you’ve discovered though is that every book, mentor and property expert says that they have the ideal method, though leave out specific steps that are vital to the process. I decided it was time to distill one simple and easy to follow process that could become available for absolutely anyone. Hold nothing back. Not be restricted to print format. This course takes the absolute best from everything I have learned in over two decades of experience in property investing and boils it down to the simplest format I could imagine.

Why should I pay money for a course on property?If you are thinking about the price of this course, then it is not for you already. Keep in touch with me and when timing is right, we can talk then. This course was intended to be the RIGHT course for people and the cost is a mere triviality. If you are sick of dozens of different opinions and everyone giving their own advice, then you need to have a single step by step method with all the detail imaginable at your disposal. You need to know the tips and tricks that most property investors don’t tell you and you need to have the right advice before launching into the biggest investment of your life so far. It’s just not worth the risk to jump in blind.

What happens if I buy the course and decide it’s not for me?I know that sometimes people will purchase the course and get part way through only to discover that it’s just not for them. No problems at all. If you give it a go with full commitment and can prove to me that you have watched all the videos and completed all the workbooks and checklists, then I’ll cancel your purchase and return every single dollar. You can read the full guarantee further down the page. I just don’t want that thought to be a consideration when you chose to buy this course.

How detailed are the workbooks and checklists?The workbooks and checklists are both comprehensive and concise. I’ve tried to keep everything as specific and relevant as possible so as to not cause confusion. Having said that, there is a checklist and workbook for absolutely everything you will need to get your property investment journey started.

Does following this course exactly guarantee my success?No. Definitely not. There are many factors at play that will determine how successful your property portfolio will be and we simply can not assess your possibility of success without knowing absolutely everything about your financial position (or having a crystal ball for the future). What this course deals with is getting your mindset right, building the best team and using a strategy that has worked through every stage of the property cycle in the past. If you want individual financial advice, I suggest you speak with a licensed financial advisor or accountant who can help tailor a strategy to your specific needs. I cover all the detail inside the course as to who to speak with, what questions to ask, how much you should be paying and much more as well to help you along the way.

What if property prices fall?Property prices most likely will fall from time to time. However, over the last hundred years, property has continued to increase in value over the long term as it comes down to supply and demand. People will always need somewhere to live and my strategies are based on long term investments and not get rich quick schemes. Property may not always be rising in value, though inside this course you will discover how I protect my assets through good and troubled times to ensure that I have the best opportunity for success over the long term.

Are you selling additional products and services inside this course?Inside this course, I will give you the option to contact us directly about working with Your Empire Buyer’s Agents or some of our preferred suppliers and providers, though at no time are you required to use any of these providers for yourself. This is simply an added value for students of the course as I would never freely give out the contacts for my service providers that I have spent years building relationships with. At no point does this course force you to use any specific providers and there are no other products sold within the course. There is not another dollar to spend to unlock a secret course on my buy and hold strategy. Please refer to my "courses" page for all the available products and courses Your Empire offers.

Can I get one on one coaching?At this stage, we do not offer one-on-one coaching, though if you are interested, please get in touch through the closed student facebook group available for students of the course and we can let you know if it’s something we think about in the future when demand is there.

What if I don’t live in a major city?This course does not specifically suggest that you need to live in a location where you are going to invest in property. However, you need to consider that if you are going to be inspecting properties yourself, you will need to physically be able to attend property open events. If you simply can not attend open for inspections, then inside this course I cover other methods where you can find the perfect investment opportunity without ever stepping inside a single open house.

I already am busy. How will I find time to complete this course?This is a common question and to be fair, if you don’t have time that you can commit regularly to your own property education, then this course probably won’t work for you. Students of this course have a far better chance of success if they can commit specific time (preferably each week) to study some of the materials and later inspect the required properties to find appropriate investments and purchases.

What if I can't commit to an 8 week course?The great news is that although the course is delivered over an 8 week period, you will actually have access to all the materials for a full 12 months. Thus you can complete this course AT YOUR OWN PACE and in your own time.

What if I fall behind on the course?Don't worry. Life will most likely get in the way at some point and you may not have the time to complete the course as it is administered. As mentioned, the course materials will be available for 12 months after your purchase, so you have plenty of time to go over and review all the course materials in your own time. The course has regular intakes of students, so there will always be others that are at your level of the course available to converse with in the facebook group, plus, Chris and his team are on the facebook group as well.

How is this course administered?This course is 100% online. Once joining, you will (within a few minutes) receive details to log into your online course platform, with immediate access to the first module of the course. Then, each week for 8 weeks after joining, you will receive an email with a link to a new module that will be unlocked with videos and workbooks to help you complete the course. When you log in, your unlocked modules will be automatically available for you to access. The second major feature of the course is access to our private and exclusive facebook group where members get together to discuss everything about the course and buying property.

Jurgen Schmechel

Business Strategist

Chris transformed my total perspective for wealth creation and property investment in particular. I've used Chris' consulting and recommendations which have saved me at least $50,000. But, and this is even more important for me, by using Chris expertise I've stayed relaxed and focussed. I strongly recommend to use Chris Gray if you want to invest in property.

Kathrin Longhurst


Buying an investment property has always been in the too hard basket for me. Where to start, what areas to look in, what professional people to hire, where to attain the relevant information, let alone learning about all the pitfalls one should avoid. All these questions always prevented me from investing in property. We now bought our first investment unit knowing we made a very good and informed choice and we are looking at more in the near future. It feels great doing something to secure your financial security that'll benefit you in the future.

My Ultimate Satisfaction Guarantee

Try “Build Your Property Empire” with ZERO risk for a full 28 days

This course is quite simply the most comprehensive, specific and straightforward property course you will find on the market today. If you aren’t sure at this point if it is right for you, then please do not buy it. I promise we will still be friends.

But if you take this step-by-step, comprehensive course with specific worksheets and strategies and decide after 28 days that it’s simply not outstanding value, then send me an email. Show me you had a go and completed all the videos and worksheets and I’ll send you back every single cent of your purchase.

This is not a refund option for people who simply change their mind or couldn’t be bothered doing any of the required steps. It’s not a lazy refund, but it is a rock-solid guarantee that if you give this a go and decide it’s not the most incredible value for money on your property journey so far, then you deserve to get your money back and I want you to have it.

Take this course with absolute confidence that it is built on decades of experience by someone who has purchased hundreds of properties for themselves and their clients.

I’m not guessing. I know this works. You should be confident that it will work for you too.

If this sounds like a perfect fit…

Get started now for just $1997

Get Instant Access

Looking for a four month payment plan?

$597 x 4 payments

One word of advice. Think very carefully about how much time you’ve spent going backwards and forwards in your own head about starting a portfolio and how much money you could have made if you just decided to get started five or ten years ago.

Don’t keep putting your life off. Don’t keep looking at others and make excuses as to why they should be successful and not you. When is it going to be your time?

If you got all your advice about property and investing from your parents, friends or colleagues, then you must ask yourself… are they successful property investors? Even if they say they are, can they prove it?

Now is your chance to get advice from someone who has amassed over $16 million dollars in property and helped purchase hundreds of other properties for clients as well.

When you look at all the property books on your shelf or scroll through pages upon pages of yet another property forum, are you taking decisive action, or are you just coming across more and more reasons why this won’t work for you? Anyone can do this.

You’ve already made sacrifices saving for a deposit and I know you are wondering if things will ever get any better. The good news is that the first property is always the hardest.

It’s stunning how quickly momentum can build when the right tools have been placed in your hands. Now is your chance to take those tools and go to work. What’s the worst thing that can happen?

If you take decisive action now, how could your life look in five to ten years?

If you change nothing, how does your life look doing the same thing you are today for another five to ten years?

In five to ten years one thing is certain. We will all be five to ten years older. The rest is absolutely up to you.

But let me ask one question. If this is not the opportunity you have been searching for to get started in property, then what is?

In front of you right now is the distilled essence of everything that works (and all my mistakes to avoid) from my property journey. It’s a step by step guide that I’ve ensured has absolutely everything in it you will need to successfully navigate your first investment property purchase. It will also give you the tools to prepare to scale your portfolio and a system that you can duplicate every single time you are ready to add another property to your empire.

I had excuses when I got started too. But I’m so glad my mum set an unreasonable curfew to force me to buy my own property as it set me on the path to where I am today.

I can give you absolutely everything you need to have the best chance of success but before I do…

Only you can make the decision to get started.

If this sounds like a perfect fit…

Get started now for just $1997

Get Instant Access

Looking for a four month payment plan?

$597 x 4 payments